Official Amplified Playlist (by scene)

This playlist includes a remix I did for Black Lab. I'm also in the process of writing and producing C-Side's songs. Those should be up in the coming year!
Note: If there is a scene you'd like me to post a song for, let me know here!

Meds by Placebo: Opening scene--Jasmine arrives in Santa Cruz and the chaos begins.

Christine by Siouxsie and the Banshees: Jasmine people watches on Pacific Ave, while searching for a place to rent:

The Dream by The Birthday Massacre: Jasmine at her first tryout. The Birthday Massacre is probably one of C-Side's biggest influences (whether they know it or not).

This Blood by Black Lab: Jasmine's first rollercoaster ride. It's not nearly as action-packed as this song, but in her head it is (lol)

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing by Garbage:: Jasmine figures out where she's going to sleep for the night. Decides on her car.

Worlock by Skinny Puppy: The song Sean is blasting when he pulls into the shop and wakes Jasmine up in the backseat of her car.

London Calling by The Clash: This is the song that is playing when Jasmine first walks into Seaside Psychic and meets Veta and Sean's mom.

Lights and Music by Cut Copy: Veta finds Jasmine in Raul's Cafe and tells her she has to battle Dave for the spot in C-Side. A guitar face-off.

The Last Firstborn by Celldweller: Jasmine vs. Dave-the guitar face-off.

Lonely Boy by Black Lab (Miss Volatile remix): Sean loans Jasmine his iPod her first night in the house. This is the song she drifts off to. Fun Note: I (Tara Kelly) remixed this song for Black Lab (you can find the original version here ). My music/stage name is Miss Volatile. You can find this remix on Black Lab's Technologie album, as well as a bunch of other awesome tracks.

Shitlist by L7: Amy, Sean's cheating ex, gets dumped on. Literally.

Teardrop by Massive Attack: Sean is listening to this in his room when Jasmine attempts an apology. Awkwardness abounds.

Die Tonight, Live Forever by Innerparty System: Sean and Jasmine go to dinner...and they actually have a good time. Imagine that.

Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos: Jasmine prepares for her first live show with C-Side. She recalls her second grade talent show, when she tried to sing Cornflake Girl in front of her peers. It didn't go so well.

Superbeast by Rob Zombie: The song playing at The Roach as Jasmine and Sean wait for Newton's Whore to go on stage.

Damaged by Assemblage 23: The song that's playing as Jasmine packs up after her disasterous performance.

God Can Make You Pay by Puracane: Jasmine sits by herself in an alley after her fight with the band. She tries to scream, but she can't.

Pro-Test by Skinny Puppy: The song that's playing when Sean and Jasmine join the after party back at the house.

Bonfire by Lamb: Jasmine tries to kiss Sean. Then she throws up...

Frozen by Celldweller: This is playing in Sean's car when he drives her to get her car (as mentioned in the book). They are trying to 'just be friends'.

Joga by Bjork:This is what Sean puts on when Jasmine teases him about having a 'hook-up' playlist.

Falling Hard (Feat. Meiko) by Crystal Method: When Jasmine refers to lyrics about 'falling hard' (during the hook-up scene), this is the song that's playing.

Heartfailure by Submarine: Sean and Jasmine's fight after he goes off with Amy.

Broken by Tapping The Vein: Jasmine finally lets herself cry as she decides what to do next.

Hearts on Fire by Cut Copy: Closing song to the book--after Jasmine kills her perfomance opening for Luna's Temptation.